Paris Fashion Shows Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2016

Flounces, ruffles and frills are the undisputed protagonists of high fashion for the next warm season. Enchanting colors and finishes for a woman who shines.  Last January 24 opened Paris Fashion Week of Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2016, which, as always, made all of us women dream, presenting luxury clothing of extraordinary beauty and ... [Read more...]

Fashion Shows Men’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 (Part 2)

In our previous article, we made a general overview of the fashion and trends of men’s Autumn_winter 2016/2017 in the field of clothes and accessories. We sought to understand together with you how a man will dress during the next cold season, which styles will characterize him most, such as colors most in vogue and ... [Read more...]

European Fashion Shows Men’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017

Refined and eye-catching colors and the welcome return of a valuable accessory such as the handbag, in all of its shapes and most various sizes, will make the man of the next cold season 2016/2017 a true icon of style and glamour This past January 24, 2016 concluded in Europe the fashion shows of Men’s ... [Read more...]

What happened in 2015? And what are our goals for 2016?

Even if we are a little late, we decided to make a brief summary of our 2015 and give you a preview of our ideas and our plans for 2016.   In March 2015, Gleni suffered a great loss. After a long battle with cancer, the founder and owner of Gleni passed away, leaving behind a ... [Read more...]

The Must bags of winter 2016

Many sophisticated models of bags, revisited and reintroduced with a new look by some of the most esteemed fashion designers to satisfy your every taste and to make also this winter 2016 simply special… Milan is already dealing with the exhibition of the new Autumn/winter 2016/2017 fashion collections and many fashion bloggers and journalists are ... [Read more...]

Pope Francis against corruption and poaching

At the last meeting of the UNEP (United Nations Program for the Environment), held on November 26 at the UN headquarters in Nairobi, Pope Francis gave a speech on the damage and dangers that poaching, corruption and illegal trade of raw materials are causing the economy of third world countries. The Pope appealed to the ... [Read more...]

Gold, color Must of the autumn-winter 2015/2016 season

It’s time to shake off the gloom and greyness of dark monochromatic clothes which, aided by the cold and the dreary atmosphere of winter, contribute to make us somber and melancholic. The 2015/2016 autumn-winter season will in fact be characterized by the classic winter shades of blue, brown, gray, and black, combined, this time with ... [Read more...]

Genuine anaconda – the special qualities of this superb leather

Our range of exotic leathers, carefully selected to assure you very high quality Made in Italy products, has finally been enriched with a new leather: anaconda.

If you’ve already had a moment to glance at our new line of handbags, you will have certainly noticed that many of the new designs are indeed made from genuine anaconda leather, used either

Can luxury survive the recession?

Fashion is a wonderfully creative arena that, season after season, embarks on a quest for those perfect elements that allow each of us to shape our own image. It forms and guides our instinct for dressing up, that is one of the most expressive and meaningful human activities: through fashion, we come in contact with ... [Read more...]

Italian Handbags: Shining Through History

The handbag has been a much-used accessory ever since ancient times. The oldest and most thriving Italian cities bear witness to that. In fact every Italian city where trade and commerce flourished had its own quarter or street of bag-makers (Via dei Borsai), outstanding artisans who specialized in making beautiful purses and bags.